TRUST & SMILE Association

  • We provide opportunity to children and the underprivileged so that they may be able to thrive and pursue their dreams.

    Domestic projects

    1. Financial aid : giving the financial support that students need in order to continue their education.

Director’s Welcome

  • We practice giving in order to preserve children's right to dream. As I was fulfilling my responsibilities as the chief director of corporate trust and smile, I was able to learn so many valuable lessons and widen my perspective.
    I realized why it is essential for me to do the things I do when I found myself mesmerized by the pure and innocent faces of children reaching out to me and giving courage to me who

Campaigns/Projects in Korea

  • We support students financially so that they may be able to pursue their education further.
    There are currently two types of scholarship programs for students. The first is the TNS Scholar program which helps a student who can’t afford school education with financial support and the second, Scholarship for Farming town student which is specifically for children residing in farming towns that needs help financially.

Campaigns/Projects Abroad

  • We give the financial support that students need to continue their education
    Our two main projects that we run are TNS Children's center in Cambodia and the Establishing thousand libraries project.
    We run a Children’s Center in Cambodia for children who don’t have proper shelter and provide them with necessities as well as help them with their education.

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